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Asia の調査 4/5〜4/11:Open Gov や E-Gov のトピック数をチャートで!

Posted in Asia Weekly, Government by on April 12, 2015
アジアへの露出を、Gov/Open Gov/Smart City というキーワードで・・・
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Cloud News Asia には Government というカテゴリがあり、Telecom および Mobile とトピック数を競っているわけですが、その内訳というと、Censorship/Court/Defence/E-Gov/NSA/Open Gov/Patent/Regulation/Smart City/Surveillance という具合に、いろいろなものが、ごった煮になっています。 そして、NSA や Patent が、ここにあるのも不自然に思えるのですが、その辺りは、言語の課題として、整理していきたいと思っています。
CNA Gov Topicsそして、今週ですが、これらの中から、比較的ポジティブと思える 3つのカテゴリを選んで、その合計をチャートにしてみました。具体的に言うと、これまでの約一年の間の、E-Gov/Open Gov/Smart City に関連するトピックを、各国ごとに合計したものなのですが、その大半が Open Gov に関連していました。 それと比べると、E-Gov および Smart City は少数です。 また、China 5 という数字ですが、Huawei などが Smart City のソリューションを輸出する、といった感じのトピックが大半でした。 そして、日本の 4本は、以下のとおりでした。
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以下は、今週の Top-10 です・・・
① 2/18: iiNet attacks software used in Dallas Buyers Club piracy hunt
AustraliaiiNet lawyers today sought to discredit the method by which Dallas Buyers Club LLC collected internet protocol (IP) addresses of those it claimed had downloaded and shared versions of its film of the same name. The internet service provider (ISP) is one of a handful resisting rights holder attempts to obtain customer details attached to IP addresses Dallas Buyers Club claimed were involved in copyright infringement.
② 4/4: TCS, Accenture, Oracle in fray to acquire 90% stake in Elitecore
IndiaMUMBAI: Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture and Oracle are in race to acquire around 90% stake in IT services provider Elitecore Technologies from global private equity fund Carlyle. The fund that invested Rs 50 crore in the company eight years ago is expected to make more than nine time returns with the company now being valued at Rs 500 crore, three people with knowledge of the deal said.
③ 4/6: WeChat tests out banner ads and promoted app installs in article view
ChinaWeChat, China’s most popular chat app, announced today it has begun testing out banner ads and promoted app installs on its “article view” pages. WeChat tends to attract the foreign tech industry’s attention for its growing number of services, like taxi booking and mobile payments. But it’s also a popular destination for news reading. Publishers will often push out content daily through their official accounts, using WeChat’s own publishing platform or a third-party one.
④ 4/6: Japan’s NTT introduces a practical one for SIM cards
JapanUnless this is your first day on the internet, you’re probably aware that Japan is home to some of the most bizarre vending machines on the planet. Canned bread, “used” panties, and pretty much anything in between are just a few coins away. While there’s no lack of WTF in the world of Japanese vending machines, some of the quirky stuff is far from practical. NTT Communications, a division of Japanese telecommunications conglomerate NTT, may have introduced one of the most practical vending machines since the original cold drink dispenser: one that spits out prepaid SIM cards.
⑤ 4/7: Southeast Asia to See Spending of USD19 B for Semiconductor Equipment
MalaysiaPenang, Malaysia, Apr 6, 2015 – (ACN Newswire) – Programme information is now available on the inaugural SEMICON Southeast Asia, which will run from 22-24 April at SPICE in Penang. The event, organised by SEMI, a global industry association, features an expanded programme and larger audience base focusing on Southeast Asia communities in the semiconductor and microelectronics sector. SEMI estimates spending of US$19 on semiconductor equipment and materials in the Southeast Asia region for 2015 and 2016.
⑥ 4/5: Singapore Cyber Security Agency goes live
SingaporeSingapore’s Cyber Security Agency (CSA) has this week started work, after being announced late last year by the Prime Minister. PM Lee Hsien Loong said on November 24 that “we already have cyber security duties residing in Ministry of Home Affairs and the Infocomm Development Authority. But I do not think that they are as strong as we would like them to be. We need to reorganise them, to strengthen our system and our institutions.”
⑦ 4/8: Singtel to buy Trustwave for $1 billion
SingaporeSoutheast Asia’s largest telecommunications operator Singapore Telecommunications will acquire US-based cybersecurity firm Trustwave for US$810 million (A$1 billion) in an effort to expand itscloud-based services. Trustwave will continue to operate as a stand-alone business unit, Singtel said. Its headquarters will remain in Chicago. “It will leverage Singtel Group Enterprise’s assets and market presence to broaden its overall security portfolio and address the fast growing emerging security market opportunity in the Asia Pacific region,” Singtel said in a statement.
⑧ 4/8: Bitcoin in China still chugging along, a year after clampdown
ChinaA year after China began tightening regulations around Bitcoin, the virtual currency is still thriving in the country, albeit on the fringes, according to its largest exchange. Bitcoin prices may have declined, but Chinese buyers are still trading the currency in high volumes with the help of BTC China, an exchange that witnessed the boom days back in 2013, only to see the bust following the Chinese government’s announcement, in December of that year, that banks would be banned from trading in bitcoin.
⑨ 4/2: Google Freezes Chinese Websites And Certificate Authority
ChinaThousands of Chinese websites will soon be marked unsafe by Google’s Chrome browser. Adam Langley, a Google security engineer, says, “On Friday, March 20th, we became aware of unauthorized digital certificates for several Google domains. The certificates were issued by an intermediate certificate authority apparently held by a company called MCS Holdings. This intermediate certificate was issued by CNNIC.”
⑩ 4/10: China’s Alibaba Sued For Patent Infringement In U.S.
ChinaExpress Mobile, an information technology company in the U.S., has sued China’s Alibaba for patent infringement. According to Express Mobile, the company filed the patent infringement lawsuit against the Alibaba Group in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. In the statement, Express Mobile accused Alibaba for infringing its patent related to the development of platform independent websites. The involved patent record number is 6,546,397.
cna_6他の国々と比べて、日本が少ないなぁと思いますし、もっとアピールできるものが有るはずなのにと感じます。 もちろん、こうしたデータの取り方に、正当性を主張するものではありませんし、それぞれの国々の実態と乖離しているところが多々あると推測しています。 ただ、ひとつだけ言えるのは、どれだけアジアのメディアに、英語でアピールできているのかという切り口が、ここには有るという点です。_AC Stamp
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