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Google I/O 2014 ニュース・リンク 90本!

Posted in Events, Google by Agile Cat on June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014 News Archive
June 26, 2014


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今朝は寝坊してしまい、Google I/O の Live も見ていないという状況ですが、取り急ぎ、自分用の RSS から、主だったメディアによるトピックスを拾い集めて、以下のようなリンク集を作ってみました。 キーノートに関しては、以下のイメージをクリックして、Youtube で ど~ぞ!

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なお、Google I/O Event ページは こちらです。


_ Business Insider

Here’s How Google Plans To Change Android (GOOG)

GOOGLE: We Have 1 Billion Monthly Active Android Users (GOOG)

Here’s How Google’s New Smartwatches Will Work (GOOG)

Google Just Unveiled Its Plan To Take Over Your Car

Here’s How Your Chromebook Is About To Get A Lot Better

Google Just Launched Android TV To Further Infiltrate Your Living Room

Google’s Top Cloud Guy, Urs Hözle, Throws Down The Gauntlet With Amazon, Microsoft

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_ Mashable

Google Glass Now Shipping With More Memory

Android Now Has 1 Billion Active Users

Google Overhauls Android With L Developer Preview

Google Unveils Android Auto

25 Other Names Google Considered for Android L

Google Announces Native Microsoft Office Editing in Google Docs

Google Fit Is Android’s New Health and Fitness Tracking Service

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_ Giga Om

AndroidOne: It’s like the Nexus line for inexpensive phones

It’s here: Google officially unveils Android TV

Android L preview: a whole new look for Google’s mobile operating system

Google’s Android Auto joins the growing number of infotainment systems in the car

Android Wear is a contextually-aware phone remote on your wrist

Google adds a big data service and lots of monitoring to its cloud

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_ VB

Google I/O 2014 keynote: Livestream and live analysis

Android now has over 1B active users, up from 538M last year

Android now makes up 62% of tablet shipments worldwide

Protestors break into Google I/O

Google shows off Android Wear, the OS for smartwatches

This is Android Auto, Google’s platform for your car

Google announces Android TV, the next generation of Google TV development

Google’s Chromecast streamer learns some cool, new tricks

Google says Chromebooks will run Android apps in the future

Google is bringing mobile games to television with Android TV

Google Drive now has 190M users & a brand new tablet app for presentations

Google wraps up Stackdriver integration work and releases monitoring tools for its cloud

Google unveils a big-data pipeline for batch and stream processing in its cloud

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_ Read Write (2)

Google I/O 2014: Join ReadWrite For Live Event Coverage

A Google Glass Upgrade Might Address Its Failings, But Lose The Faithful

Google’s Gender-Diversity Push Is Paying Off

Google Previews The Next Big Release Of Android: "L"

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Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O 2014

Google Has a Plan to Bring Smartphones to a Billion More Users

Google Announces Google Fit Health Platform

Google Just Released Its Most Low-Tech Product Ever

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Google I/O 2014: smartwatches, Google Fit and Android Lollipop? 5 hours ago

Google’s Android L: ‘One of the most comprehensive releases we have done’

Samsung Gear Live smartwatch will run Google’s Android Wear software

Android TV: Google’s connected TV ambitions reach their third episode

Android has 1bn active users and grand ambitions for cars, wearables and TV

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_ techcrunch

Google Now Has 1B Active Monthly Android Users

Google Introduces Android One Program To Bring More Smartphones To Developing Markets

Google Unveils New Cross Platform Design Language “Material Design”

Google Makes Phone Logins Easier With Personal Login Feature For Android L

The First Android Wear Smartwatches Will Go On Sale Today

Google Launches Full Android Wear SDK, Developers Create Custom UIs And Access Sensors

Google Shames Apple’s iOS For Adding What Android Did Years Ago

Google Introduces Android TV, Its New Platform For Smart TV Apps And Navigation

Google Blurs The Line Between Web And Native Apps On Android

Google Announces Android Auto, Promises Enabled Cars By End Of 2014

Google IO Protester Stopped The Conference Claiming To Be Jack Halprin Eviction Victim

Google Will Soon Bring Android Apps To Chrome OS

Google I/O Attendees Gifted Brand-New Android Wear Smartwatches

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_ into Mobile

Android 5.0 Will Be Announced at Google I/O Tomorrow yesterday

Watch the Google I/O 2014 Keynote Live Stream Right Here!

Android One Announced, Hardware and Software Solution for Emerging Markets

Google I/O 2014: Android’s Got a New Look With ‘L-Release’

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_ Talk Android

Google announces Android One project for low-cost smartphones

1 billion active users on Android, tablet presence impresses

Google Play Services holds important role in security for Android devices

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live available today via Play Store, Moto 360 for summer launch

Google details what’s new in Android L preview, including new design language

Google’s Android Auto ready to hit the road

Android Wear gets detailed, full SDK available today

Android TV gets announced, hardware launches this fall

Chromebooks to include new security unlock features, Google Now cards, run Android apps

Samsung, LG provide specifications on their Android Wear smart watches

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_ engadget

Live from Google I/O’s 2014 opening keynote!

Android still the dominant mobile OS with 1 billion active users

Google’s next version of Android ‘L-release’ has a new look, deeper ties to the web

Google’s Android One program will set minimum standards for bargain-basement

Google’s new ‘Material Design’ UI coming to Android, Chrome OS and the web

Android L can squeeze out 90 extra minutes of battery life with a new mode

Samsung unveils Gear Live, its first smartwatch using Android Wear

Google boosts in-car connectivity with Android Auto

Google targets Amazon’s and Apple’s set-top boxes with Android TV platform

Here’s what Google’s Android Wear can do

Android TV will be in Sony, Sharp and Philips TVs next year

Google bringing Android apps to Chromebooks

Chromecast can finally mirror your Android device’s screen

Google Drive for Business now offers unlimited storage for $10 per month, per user

Android for Work lets your personal and business data coexist on one device

Google Fit is Android’s answer to exercise and health tracking



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