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CES 2011 のトップ・ニュースを より ・・・

Posted in Events by Agile Cat on January 7, 2011

2011 International CES, January 6-9


今年の CES は近年稀に見るオモシロさ・・・という感じですね。 言い古されていることですが、大量生産されるモバイル・デバイスにより、あらゆるエレクトロニクス製品がコストダウンされ、これまでは実現できなかった製品カテゴリが、現実のものとなってきたのでしょう。

以下のリストは、 の News で、キーワードに 『 ces 2011 』を指定してググッたものです。 時刻は、2001年 1月 7日 の 7AM あたりです。 なお、先頭から 10 Topics までは、順番に取り込みましたが、そのあ後は、面白そうなものを選んで掲載しています。 ーーー __AC Stamp 2



Slideshow: CES 2011: Aliens, Prime Rib And A Digital Experience
InformationWeek – 55 minutes ago
This event, not aligned with CES but nestled nearby in Caesar’s Palace, is for journalists. And the organizers spared no expense on the eats and fancy …
The new Nike + SportWatch GPS at CES 2011‎ – Coolest Gadgets
CES 2011: Nike+ SportWatch GPS Announced [Nike+ SportWatch GPS …‎ – TFTS (blog)
Nike and TomTom display watch with marathon capabilities‎ – Reg Hardware
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CES 2011: G-slate tablet,Motorola Atrix generate buzz on day 1
Washington Post – 47 minutes ago
See the tablets, cameras and other new technology being unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES 2011 has officially kicked off in …
Motorola Atrix: Half Smartphone, Half PC From CES 2011‎ – Huffington Post
CES 2011 – Motorola Announces ATRIX 4G for AT&T‎ –
Motorola CES 2011 Android Roundup: XOOM, Bionic, Atrix,…‎ – GizmoCrunch
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Ballmer’s CES 2011 Keynote Sets the Table
PC Magazine – Lance Ulanoff – 4 hours ago
CES 2011’s keynote was, for most people, unremarkable. Though at least one of the announcements was one of the most significant Ballmer’s made in his 10 …
CES 2011: Microsoft Kinect-ing With Gamers, 8 Million Units Sold‎ – RTT News
CES 2011 Microsoft Announcements‎ – Platform Nation
CES 2011: Windows 8 on ARM SoC, Phone 7 updates, tablets‎ – Computerworld (blog)
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imageCES 2011: RIM Blackberry Playbook will be on Sprint this summer
Washington Post – Hayley Tsukayama – 6 minutes ago
It will also support Adobe Flash, Adobe Mobile AIR and HTML-5. By Hayley Tsukayama | January 6, 2011; 2:03 PM ET.
Video: CES 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook
RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook 4G Tablet at CES 2011: Hands On‎ – PC Magazine
CES 2011: BlackBerry 4G tablet PlayBook debuts this summer on …‎ – USA Today
Cult of MacDaily Mail
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Android 3.0 Honeycomb Showcased at Verizon’s CES 2011 Keynote – Kevin Krause – 37 minutes ago
When Verizon took the stage today for their 2011 CES keynote, we honestly weren’t quite sure what to expect. …
Video: CES 2011: Motorola Introduces Two New Smartphones, Tablet
YouTube Wired
CES 2011 Event Showcases New Android Tablets and Lots More‎ – US News Source
CES 2011: Motorola Xoom 4G Tablet with Android Honeycomb‎ – TechNewsDaily
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imageGaming news from CES 2011
Globe and Mail – 1 hour ago
The most exciting CES news I’ve heard so far about a gaming product we’ll actually be able to get our hands on this winter is Torchlight. …
Video: Up Close with Toshiba’s Android Tablet (CES 2011)
YouTube PC Magazine
Live from CES 2011: Before It Begins‎ – Huffington Post (blog)
CES 2011: 3D TVs, High-Tech Watches Draw Crowds‎ – NY1
Washington PostIndependent
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CES 2011: Arm extends reach into new markets
The Guardian – 2 hours ago
A British technology company that started life in a converted turkey shed 20 years ago is now challenging the might of California’s Silicon Valley. …
Video: CES 2011: Microsoft Developing Standard Windows OS for all Hardware
YouTube Wired
CES: Windows to run on ARM chips, says Microsoft‎ – ZDNet UK
CES 2011: Microsoft Surface 2.0 revealed, Windows 8 to run on SoC‎ – LiveSide
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CES 2011: Lenovo Gets Serious About Tablets
Maximum PC – 1 hour ago
Fresh from the floor at CES 2011, here’s a first look at two of Lenovo’s most original new products at the show this year. First up, Editorial Director Jon …
Video: CES 2011: Lenovo IdeaPad Slate Offers Alternative to iPad
YouTube Wired
CES 2011 press day: thrill of victory, agony of emptiness‎ – Embedded Computing Design (press release)
CES 2011: Tablets with keyboards‎ – Computerworld (blog)
Game DailyTechHuman
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CES 2011: Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series — tablet or netbook?
Computerworld (blog) – 2 hours ago
I had a chance to play with the Sliding PC 7 for a few moments at their booth today, and it’s an interesting product. A little heavier than the iPad and …
CES 2011: Samsung 7 Series Tab with Slide-Out QWERTY is Set to Thrill‎ – Tech2
CES 2011: Samsung Previews Slider Tablet, Air-like Ultraportable‎ – Technologizer
Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series powered with Windows 7 shown up at CES …‎ – Tech Pinger
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imageCES 2011: What’s Up with Panasonic?
Ology – Jeff Zohn – 2 hours ago
It’s the douchiest display so far on day 1 of CES, but it gets the point across. The most interesting product displayed was VIERA Connect (formerly VIERA …
Video: CES 2011: Panasonic’s New VT30 Line
YouTube PC World
VIERA Android Tablet from Panasonic revealed at CES 2011‎ – Tech Pinger
[CES 2011] Panasonic new Line-up of HDTVs‎ – AkihabaraNews
RTT NewsTech Digest
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Verizon 4G LTE event live at CES 2011
IntoMobile – 1 hour ago
We’re live at the Verizon 4G LTE event here in Las Vegas for CES 2011. Verizon is slated to announce some pretty big things today as we hear more about its …
CES 2011: Verizon And Partners Trumpet 4G, LTE‎ – RTT News
Verizon CEO demos Android Honeycomb on Motorola Xoom at CES 2011 …‎ – Android Community
CES 2011: Verizon Makes No Mention of iPhone, iPad Competitors …‎ – Mac Rumors
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AT&T at CES 2011 unveils new devices, network upgrades and more – 1 hour ago
CES 2011, the consumer electronics extravaganza happening now in Las Vegas, resulted in Dallas-based AT&T unveiling some major news concerning new devices, …
CES 2011: AT&T Wants Cheaper LTE RF‎ – Light Reading
CES 2011: Photos From the AT&T Developer Summit‎ – Light Reading
CES 2011: AT&T Talks 4G, Outs New Motorola, HTC and Samsung 4G …‎ – GamerLive.TV
Examiner.comRapid tv news
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imageCES 2011: Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips, with DRM?
ZDNet UK (blog) – Jack Schofield – 3 hours ago
Intel duly unveiled its long awaited and widely trailed Sandy Bridge chips at its CES 2011 press conference yesterday (Wednesday). …
CES 2011: Dev All Praise for Intel Sandy Bridge‎ –
CES 2011: Intel’s Offering – As Told by a Charming Israelite!‎ – TechHuman
CES 2011: Day "0" wrap-up‎ – Washington Post
DigitimesDesktop Review
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imageMicrosoft Surface “2″ Announced at CES 2011
‎Geekosystem – James Plafke – 3 hours ago
Microsoft Surface, basically a neat multi-touch table-computer, was always this mythical thing that was very …
CES 2011: Microsoft Shows off Surface 2.0‎ – Tech2
Microsoft Surface CES 2011 Demo‎ – Crenk
CES 2011: Microsoft Surface 2.0 with Gorilla glass‎ – Oneindia
TFTS (blog) (blog)
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CES 2011 – Motorola Droid Bionic 4G Android Smartphone from Verizon – 8 hours ago
Motorola’s on a roll at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. After introducing the ATRIX 4G for AT&T and the CLIQ 2 for T-Mobile earlier today, …
Video: Motorola DROID Bionic for Verizon Wireless
YouTube mobileburn
CES 2011: Moto’s 4G Gadgets Blur Lines‎ – Light Reading
CES 2011: Motorola reveals Droid Bionic smartphone‎ – Oneindia
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Watch the Verizon Wireless 4G CES 2011 Keynote Online Now
Erictric – 33 minutes ago
Earlier today, we posted a video link to Verizon’s CES 2011 presentation. Turns out it was a complete snoozefest and now we’re gearing up for the Verizon …
CES 2011: HTC Inspire 4G Is The Cooler Desire HD For AT&T‎ – Mibz
CES 2011: HTC Thunderbolt 4G & HTC Inspire 4G Appear in Ad …‎ – TFTS (blog)
CES 2011 news update, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Evo 4G Shift and …‎ – Khabrein
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CES 2011 – Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc with Android 2.3 – 9 hours ago
After months of lingering in the shadows, Sony Ericsson steps up at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas with a new addition to the Xperia line-up with the …
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Launched at CES 2011‎ – GizmoCrave
CES 2011: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Officially Announced, Will Roll …‎ – TFTS (blog)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android 2.3 phone revealed at CES 2011‎ –
Phones ReviewMibz
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imageCES 2011: NVIDIA Tegra 2 and LG Dual-Core Super Phone
Legit Reviews – 2 hours ago
Yesterday at CES 2011, NVIDIA has partnered with LG to launch the most powerful smartphone that we have seen to date, the LG Optimus 2X. …
CES 2011: Nvidia and LG launch first Tegra 2 Smartphone‎ –
CES 2011: Nvidia is developing its first CPU‎ – ZDNet (blog)
CES 2011 Video: NVIDIA shows Tegra 2 "Super Phone" and Cross …‎ – PC Perspectives
Game DailyTwice
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Verizon iPhone Release Date: Will Apple Launch Verizon at CES 2011?
Tech Surf – 14 hours ago
Will Apple launch Verizon iPhone at CES 2011; sources said that Verizon iPhone will hit the market in February 2011 or it will be launching in the middle of …
iPhone & iPad rivals putting the pressure on Apple at CES 2011?‎ – Buzz Biz News
Verizon iPhone release date, Will Apple mention the V word at CES 2011‎ – Khabrein
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CES 2011: LG Smart Appliances
EarthTechling – Pete Danko – 7 hours ago
If you thought all that Jetsons-like smart-home stuff was still a ways off into the future, LG is in Las Vegas to tell you …
LG Smart TV unveiled at CES 2011‎ – TechShout!
Hands-On: LG SmartTV CES 2011‎ – Neowin
LG shows off smart appliances at CES 2011 (photos)‎ – CNET
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imageCES 2011: GE’s Smart Home And More
EarthTechling – Pete Danko – 3 hours ago
Just by coming to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, its first visit ever, GE was making a statement: The …


ついに Windows for ARM が – CES 2011 より
Windows for ARM が、1月の CES で発表される?
ARM ベースの Marvell Armada XP は、クラウドで革命を起こせるのか?
ARM A15 が登場! サーバーまでもカバーする性能

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