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Facebook の HDFS クラスターは 21 PB !!!

Posted in Big Data, Facebook, HDFS by Agile Cat on June 25, 2010

Facebook has the world’s largest Hadoop cluster!


なにげなく Facebook を見ていたら、こんなポストが ・・・ これまでは秘密だったみたいですね。 スゴイ! ーーー A.C.


It is not a secret anymore!

The Datawarehouse Hadoop cluster at Facebook has become the largest known Hadoop storage cluster in the world. Here are some of the details about this single HDFS cluster:

  • 21 PB of storage in a single HDFS cluster
  • 2000 machines
  • 12 TB per machine (a few machines have 24 TB each)
  • 1200 machines with 8 cores each + 800 machines with 16 cores each
  • 32 GB of RAM per machine
  • 15 map-reduce tasks per machine

That’s a total of more than 21 PB of configured storage capacity! This is larger than the previously known Yahoo!’s cluster of 14 PB. Here are the cluster statistics from the HDFS cluster at Facebook:





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