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Google の闘い、Amazon の闘い

Posted in Amazon, Google, Out Of Scope by Agile Cat on November 26, 2009

それぞれの相手は、Murdoch と WALMART

Murdoch による Google ブロックは、さらに二紙ほどが WSJ 陣営に加わり、戦線を拡大しているとのこと。 また、そこに Microsoft が同調して、札束攻勢をかけて、Bing で独占提供するとの説も出てきて、いやぁ~ テンヤワンヤですなぁ~~~。

先ほど、Murdoch Google でググってみたら、この件に関するリンクがゴッチャリと出てきました。 Murdoch さんも、ググっているのでしょうが、この結果を見て、何を思うのでしょうかね?

片や、Amazon もクリスマス商戦をひかえて、 WALMART と大激戦とのこと。 アメリカ市場の動向として、リアル・リテールは -1% で、オンライン・リテールは +8% なんだそうです。



Newspapers Join Murdoch’s Google Blockade – ‎3 hours ago‎
… decline of print advertising have announced they may join Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in considering blocking Google from displaying their news articles. …
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Less than an OS, less than free
ZDNet UK – Simon Bisson, Mary Branscombe – ‎13 hours ago‎
Thanks to Rupert Murdoch, Google has spent most of the time it probably wanted to be talking about Chrome discussing the value of paid content on the Web; …

Murdoch: Google is mortal and together we can kill it
Register – Andrew Orlowski – ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
Although they’d never admit it, Rupert Murdoch and Google have one thing in common: both benefit from their powers being exaggerated to almost mythic …
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Denver, Dallas Papers May Join Murdoch’s War on the Internet
BNET – David Weir – ‎3 hours ago‎
… Post and the Dallas Morning News are reportedly considering blocking Google from indexing “some of their stories,” much like Murdoch’s News Corp (NWS). …
AH Belo and medianews to pull content from Google? (blog)
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Brand Republic
Google boosts power of interactive online ads – David Neal – ‎7 hours ago‎
… particularly by Rupert Murdoch who is reportedly considering delisting News Corporation titles from Google’s index and striking an exclusive deal with …

Rupert Murdoch’s Google taunts are a bid to unite publishers – content will be …
ZDNet – Tom Foremski – ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
Why has Rupert Murdoch and others at News Corp. spent so much time criticizing Google when there is a simple solution: post a robot.txt file that tells …
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Murdoch’s rants put Cameron on a collision course with Google


BBC News
Should We Listen to Murdoch’s Google Threat?
Atlantic Online – Derek Thompson – ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
So when Murdoch threatened to block Google bots from scanning stories in the Wall Street Journal this week by erecting pay walls around the bulk of his …
Murdoch’s Google Gambit New York Times (blog)
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PC Magazine
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BBC News
Biz Stone: Murdoch’s Google veto will "fail fast"
PC Pro – ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has claimed Rupert Murdoch’s plans to close off his websites to search engines will "fail fast". Speaking at an event organised …
"Mr Murdoch,Tear Down This Wall" Infers Biz Stone Inventorspot
Biz Stone: Murdoch has no chance without Google IT Chuiko (blog)
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Inside the mysteries of Google News
Brafton – ‎Nov 24, 2009‎
… relationship with Google News, which can be a huge traffic driver to websites but has also drawn criticism from such media moguls as Rupert Murdoch, …



TWO RETAIL GIANTS なんだそうです。 オーブン・トースターから、ベストセラーの小説やDVDまで、1セント・レンジでの価格競争が、この両社の間で繰り広げられているようです。

どちらも、異業種格闘技ならではの、新鮮さというか、ドキドキ感というか、まぁ、とにかく興味深いですね --- A.C.


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