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Android Operating System Site

Posted in Google by Agile Cat on November 21, 2009

Google Chrome OS press conference

こんなサイトを見つけました。以下の URL から飛んで、"Google Chrome OS press conference” をクリックすると、ぐるっと回って、ココに帰ってくるんですよ ~~~ :)  A.C.

Android Operating System

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MapReduce in DryadLINQ

Posted in MS-MapReduce by Agile Cat on November 21, 2009

Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server
with the DryadLINQ Framework

John Vert in 408A on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Come get an overview of the DryadLINQ features and runtime environment, and walk through some real-world examples of DryadLINQ programs based on the familiar declarative syntax of LINQ combined with the fault-tolerant distributed graph scheduling of the Dryad runtime. Hear how DryadLINQ provides a programming model and runtime for data-parallel programs running across large clusters and partitioned data sets.

PDC Dryad LINK 1

PDC Dryad LINK 2

PDC Dryad LINK 3

PDC Dryad LINK 4

PDC Dryad LINK 5

PDC Dryad LINK 6

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