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Microsoft PDC09 Keynote 1 – Wrapping Up

Posted in Events, Microsoft by Agile Cat on November 18, 2009

PDC 2009 Live Blog Day 1 – Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia



Neowin is live at PDC 2009 for the first day of two live keynotes. 

Wrapped up from–/


Today’s keynote is with Ray Ozzie & Bob Muglia and we expect Microsoft to announce an Internet Explorer 9 technology preview as part of the keynote announcements.

We’ve teamed up with a number of well known Microsoft bloggers to blog the Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes. The live blogging will include Ed Bott, Kip Kniskern, Long Zheng, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera and myself Tom Warren. 

8:33 : Ed Bott: Ray Ozzie says "we’re reinvigorated" but doesn’t mention Windows 7

8:46 : Paul Thurrott: Windows Azure *is* Windows, says Ozzie


8:47 : Ed Bott: You could choose to use PHP and MySQL, says Ray, with a slight sneer

8:49 : Mary Jo Foley : so some features of azure are going live today, ozzie says

8:51 : Mary Jo Foley: multiple sizes of VMs, single sign-on across all the Azure services, support for any kind of Windows code and programming model, support for FASTCGI — Ozzie’s list of what’s going live for devs

8:51 : LiveSide: 3 sets of data centers are going live in Jan. 2 each in N America, Europe, and Asia

 image8:55 : Ed Bott: WordPress Matt is here

9:00 : Long Zheng: New site, powered by Azure.

9:05 : Paul Thurrott: Announcing: CTP of "game changing Windows Azure subsystem," codenamed Dallas. Open catalog and marketplace for public and commercial data

9:05 : Mary Jo Foley: CTP of Dallas, a new subsystem of Azure — open catalog and marketplace for public and commercial data

9:06 : Mary Jo Foley: Dave Campbell is the SQL Azure guy too… and he is now talking about Dallas

9:08 :Mary Jo Foley: No Pinpoint is something that already exists: it’s a partner database:


9:10 : [Comment From Olivier Hault] : Dallas is also what Microsoft annonced last year as Reference Data for Azure

9:12 : Mary Jo Foley: So if you want to read details about Dallas, here are the details:

9:20 : [Comment From Gabe] : To be perfectly fair, I’ve 1,655 tabs opened on this.

9:21 : Mary Jo Foley: here are a list of datasets that are part of dallas:

9:23 : [Comment From thommck] : Sounds like Ozzie needs to visit

9:28 : Mary Jo Foley: what is autopilot (from 2008):

9:29 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): "Autopilot is the foundation infrastructure used by the Bing search engine for managing servers, network switches and routers, and other infrastructure devices like managed power units and serial concentrators."


9:29 : Mary Jo Foley: AutoPilot: The management system for Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and Live Search services. Word is Microsoft is extending AutoPilot to handle every Windows Live service, as well as some other members of its Live and Online families. AutoPilot performs tasks like network monitoring, power monitoring, performance monitoring, analysis, etc. It also will enable Microsoft to use commodity hardware in deploying its datacenter infrastructure.

9:32 : Tom W – Neowin: Ozzie still talking about the cloud and structuing cloud application models

9:33 : Mary Jo Foley: so what bobMu sounds like he might talk about (he’s winding up to it): is what is the private cloud and what is ms doing to make it real

9:34 : LiveSide: yes MS is betting on a less than cloud only structure: businesses are reluctant to move totally to cloud


9:35 : Mary Jo Foley: what are the steps to making your existing apps "cloud-ready"? that is the big question … (not sure we are going to get an answer today… maybe?) 

9:37 : Tom W – Neowin: Are they going to talk about "M"?

9:38 : Mary Jo Foley: good question, TomW: is this Oslo-related? They probably don’t want to use the O word today

9:38 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): Don shows inline ASM! Too bad that doesn’t work on x64

9:38 : LiveSide: "the x86 based cloud platform"

9:48 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): [Andy to show Bluebook]


9:49 : [Comment From David Burela] : and they were using OAuthWrap

9:55 : Tom W – Neowin: If Microsoft does the right thing and changes to WebKit then maybe IE9

9:55 :[Comment From winlove] : What browsers are all of you using, right now?

9:55 : Tom W – Neowin: Firefox

9:55 : Long Zheng: Firefox

9:55 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): Lynx.

9:55 : Tom W – Neowin: If Microsoft does the right thing and changes to WebKit then maybe IE9

9:55 : Ed Bott: IE9 Technical Preview

9:55 : Ed Bott: (just kidding)

9:56 : Ed Bott: IE8

9:56 : [Comment From Dan] :I’m at work on IE6. This liveblog thing works perfectly though 🙂

9:56 Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): @Dan: Thanks. People like you make the web so much nicer.

9:56 : Tom W – Neowin: Next year entering into beta, new project. Project sydney. Connect existing servers inside datacenter together with Azure

10:02 : Tom W – Neowin: announcing a new app server beta, Microsoft making available immediately on WIndows Server. App Fabric

10:02 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): Windows Azure AppFabric logo! I took a survey polling users for a name

10:02 : Tom W – Neowin: App Fabric will be available in beta on Azure in 2010 too

10:02 : Mary Jo Foley: Proejct Sydney: lets you connect your internal datacenters to Azure servers. AppFabric = new version of MS app server built on IIS, Workflow, WCF, database cache


10:05 : Rafael Rivera (GPL Queen): Neat VS2010 multi mon tricks.

10:05 : Mary Jo Foley: The AppFabric technology combines hosting and caching technologies (formerly known as Microsoft code-named "Dublin" and Microsoft code-named "Velocity") with the Windows Azure platform AppFabric Service Bus and AppFabric Access Control (formerly referred to as .NET Services).

10:07 : Mary Jo Foley: so AppFabric is the new name for a bunch of other stuff that already was being tested out there.. Windows Server AppFabric Beta 1 is available for download today at with final availability in 2010.

10:13 : Tom W – Neowin: IE9 plans, doesn’t look like a tech preview this week. A little too soon for the bits to be released. CES is the target time frame alongside a lot more consumer announcements.

10:22 : Ed Bott: I beleive MJF just cheered again at the mention of Oslo.

10:22 : Mary Jo Foley: What Purdy is really talking about is Oslo… and now Oslo is being rejiggered (again) to become part of SQL Server:

10:22 : Paul Thurrott: You are a strange, strange woman.   🙂

10:29 : LiveSide: MS is using the Azure tools to build upgrades to Exchange, Sharepoint, etc: building them in the cloud

10:32 : Mary Jo Foley: Beta of something known as "System Center Cloud" coming in 2010… no details yet


Thanks to Tom Warren

— Wrapped up by Agile Cat

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