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Nortel 特許の売却 – アメリカとカナダの法廷が 6社連合に承認

Posted in Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mobile, Patent by Agile Cat on July 12, 2011

約 6000 件の特許が Apple、Microsoft、RIM、Ericsson、Sony、EMC の手に・・・


昨日の 『 アメリカ独占禁止法当局が、Nortel の特許売却を調査?』 でお伝えしたように、Department of Justice や Federal Trade Commission などによる調査が行われた後、この Nortal 特許の売約が承認されたようです。以下の内容は、日本時間 7月12日 5AM ころに、Google News をキーワード 『approve nortel patent』で検索した結果です。ーーー __AC Stamp 2


imageNortel $4.5-Billion Patent Sale to Apple, Microsoft, Others Approved
Wall Street Journal – Peg Brickley – ‎32 minutes ago‎
Nortel’s patents, they hope, will help them build strongholds in the mobile wireless industry. Ms. Schweitzer, who is with Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, dismissed speculation that the sale was vulnerable to attack as anti-competitive.
Apple, Microsoft Group Wins Canadian Court Approval to Buy Nortel Patents Bloomberg
Court approves sale of Nortel patents
Bankruptcy Courts Approve Nortel Patent Sale to Apple Consortium Mac Rumors
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Courts approve Nortel patent sale to Apple/RIM group
Reuters Canada – Tom Hals, Gerald E. McCormick – ‎2 hours ago‎
WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) – Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp, Research in Motion Ltd and three other leading tech companies received court approval on Monday to buy wireless patents from the bankruptNortel Networks Corp for $4.5 billion. …

imageNortel’s $4.5bn patent sale headed for court approval
Total Telecom – Peg Brickley – ‎Jul 8, 2011‎
Judges in the US and Canada must sign off on the deal, the largest-ever sale of intellectual property and a transaction that will reverberate through courts around the world as the winners wield their Nortel prizes in patent-infringement cases. …
Canada Industry Minister To Look At Nortel Patent Sale Wall Street Journal
Apple leads group to buy Nortel patents Futures Magazine
Nortel patent sale faces government probe in Canada
eWEEK Europe UK
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imageApple, Microsoft Patent Consortium Trying to Kill Android
eWeek – Clint Boulton – ‎Jul 10, 2011‎
Google had hoped Nortel’s patents, which include those for Long Term Evolution wireless technology increasingly used in smartphones today, would provide some shields from the suits. Without them, Google has little defense versus lawyers seeking to …
How Apple Led The High-Stakes Patent Poker Win Against Google, Sealing … TechCrunch
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imageJudges in US, Canada approve Nortel patents sale
Brisbane Times – Randall Chase – ‎2 hours ago‎
The judges approved the results of Nortel’s patent auction at a joint hearing Monday, just over a week after the consortium offered five times more than Google Inc.’s initial bid of $900 million for some 6000 patents and patent applications. …

Apple wins approval to bid on Nortel’s patent trove
Inquirer – Dean Wilson – ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
US ANTI-TRUST REGULATORS have approved Apple’s request to bid on Nortel’s extensive patentcollection. The Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice said it has given Apple the green light to pursue a patent bid, …
Going, going, gone: tech giants approved to bid on Nortel patents Ars Technica
Apple gets FTC approval to bid on Nortel mobile patents Los Angeles Times
Intel and Apple jump into Nortel patent fracas MarketWatch
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imageMicrosoft, others outbid Google in giant Nortel patent sale: Why it matters
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) – ‎Jul 1, 2011‎
Microsoft is part of a consortium that is paying $4.5 billion for a slew of patents from NortelNetworks, a Canadian networking company trying to come out of bankruptcy. Pending US and Canadian court approval, the proud new owners of more than 6000 …
Ericsson part of winning bid for Nortel’s patent portfolio Reuters (press release)
Apple, partners to acquire Nortel patents Times of India
Apple, Allies Said to Beat at Least Two Rival Groups for Nortel’s Patents Bloomberg
San Jose Business Journal
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BC-Business News Digest
The Birmingham News – – ‎2 hours ago‎
US and Canadian judges approve a $4.5 billion cash bid from a consortium that includes smartphone makers Apple and Research In Motion for patents held by bankrupt telecom-equipment maker Nortel, just over a week after the group offered five times more …

Madoff, Nortel, WaMu, Deb, Lehman, Allen, Vitro: Bankruptcy
BusinessWeek – Bill Rochelle – ‎Jul 5, 2011‎
The hearing to approve the sale is scheduled to be held on July 11 simultaneously in courts in the US and Canada. Proceeds from the patent auction are in addition to the $3 billion Nortel already raised from selling most of its other assets and …


これで、HTC や Samsung などの、アジアの Android マニファクチャーに対するプレッシャーが、さらに厳しくなるはずです。 ーーー __AC Stamp 2



アメリカ独占禁止法当局が、Nortel の特許売却を調査?
Android 特急は、パテント攻撃により脱線してしまうのか?
Microsoft は昔ながらの特許訴訟をちらつかせ、Android 陣営を脅すのか?
Microsoft は Android から、Windows Phone の 5倍の利益を受け取る?
Google は $1 billion 近い金額を、破産申請中の Nortel 特許権に投入する
アップルらの「包囲網」にグーグルが根負けか – ノーテル知財オークションの真相

アメリカ独占禁止法当局が、Nortel の特許売却を調査?

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Feds looking into antitrust issues with Nortel patent sale
updated 01:45 am EDT, Sun July 10, 2011
DOJ, FTC may look into joint bid on Nortel patents


An inside source revealed this weekend that US federal antitrust officials were looking into possible anticompetitive practices from Nortel’s patent selloff. The Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, or both are being asked to see if the "Rockstar" coalition formed by Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and others may have been unfairly trying to stifle Android. The Washington Post‘s associate didn’t know who had prompted the investigation, although the American Antitrust Institute had called on one this week.

この週末に明らかにされた内部情報によると、アメリカ連邦の独占禁止法当局が、Nortel の特許売却における不正競争について、その可能性を調査しているようだ。 Department of Justice もしくは Federal Trade Commission が、さもなければは双方が、Apple/Microsoft/RIM などで構成される「Rockstar」連合が、不公平な方式で Android を抑圧しているのかどうかを、確認するよう求められている。 今週に、American Antitrust Institute が 1社を訪問していたが、Washington Post のパートナーは、誰による調査なのかは把握していなかった。

imageConcerns exist that the alliance, which spent $4.5 billion to win the bid, might use the collective ownership of about 6,000 patents to sue Google beyond what some of the individual coalition members had already done. While it’s possible the group is just interested in defending against pure patent trolls, the breadth of patents for 4G, Wi-Fi, social networking, and other components would make Android smartphones relatively easy targets.

入札で勝つために $4.5 billion 支払った、このアライアンスに存在する関心事は、そのメンバーの数社が既に行った範囲を超えて Google を告訴するために、およそ6,000 の特許の共同所有権を行使するかもしれないという点である。 そのグループが、パテント・トロールから身を守ることに、守ることに、ピュアな関心を持っている可能である一方で、4G や Wi-Fi、ソーシャル・ネットワークといった構成要素の幅は、Android スマートフォンを容易にターゲットにできるだろう。

imageWhether or not Google considered that a problem Google had bid $900 million as a "stalking horse" to force a high minimum bid and discourage all but the most determined bids. It didn’t appear to have anticipated teamwork, however. Whether or not it saw this as an competitive measure to take seriously is still debated: Google was willing to raise its bidding much higher but oddly chose variants on math constants, like Pi.

Google が、そこでも問題の有無にかかわらず、高い入札を強制し、他社の挑戦を思いとどませるために、"stalking horse" として $900 million という値をつけていた。 しかしながら、期待されていたチームワークは現れなかった。 真剣に受けとめるべき競合の基準が、依然として討論される段階で、Google が参加者を見出したのかどうかは分からない。Google は、その入札額を引き上げることとを厭わなかったが、円周率のような、数学の定数による奇妙な金額を選択した。

With the exception of Sony, which actively uses Android, the core of the patent buying team has stood to lose from the rapid rise of Android, even if the iPhone is continuing to grow. Apple has been denied the lead it was likely to have in the US, while Microsoft and RIM are losing share even with partial or total reboots of their platforms. Apple has mostly pursued just a few key Android rivals, but Microsoft has attempting to shake down every Android device designer, albeit cutting deals for those that also use Windows Phone. RIM has been mostly quiet.

積極的に Android を利用している Sony を例外として、また、iPhone が成長し続けている状況であっても、この特許購入チームのコアメンバーは、Android の急成長に打ち負かされている。 Apple は、アメリカ市場をリードするという、可能性の高かったチャンスを失い、また、Microsoft と RIM は共に、そのプラットフォームの一部あるいは全体において、シェアを失っている。 Apple は、いくつかのキーとなる Android ライバルを狙ったが、Microsoft は、Windows Phone も取り扱っている、すべての Android マニファクチャーに対して、ライセンス料を支払わせようと狙っている。 これまでのところ、RIM は静観している。


どういう展開になるのか、まったく予測がつきませんが、とにかく大事なのは確かですね。 ーーー __AC Stamp 2



Android 特急は、パテント攻撃により脱線してしまうのか?
Microsoft は昔ながらの特許訴訟をちらつかせ、Android 陣営を脅すのか?
Microsoft は Android から、Windows Phone の 5倍の利益を受け取る?
Google は $1 billion 近い金額を、破産申請中の Nortel 特許権に投入する
アップルらの「包囲網」にグーグルが根負けか – ノーテル知財オークションの真相

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